Little Dix Bay

Discovering the Extraordinary: Little Dix Bay

As my boat neared the dock at Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort, a realization dawned on me: photographs could never truly capture the essence of this haven. I had spent hours browsing through photos on their Instagram and perusing their website, building my anticipation for this trip. Yet, as my boat drew closer, the island’s beauty in full view — the untouched waters and immaculate white sands framed by the resort’s iconic design — was even more striking than I imagined. Welcomed by the warm smiles and cheerful waves from the Rosewood team, I stepped off the boat knowing this trip would be one for the books, an experience unlike any other.


Arriving on the island, I was immediately enveloped by a feeling of complete peace, thanks to a warm welcome that let me leave the rest of the world behind. My personal butler met me at the dock and escorted me through lush, winding paths, the ocean breeze and rustling foliage offering a natural greeting. Stepping into my room, I was awestruck. The décor was quintessentially Rosewood – each piece of art, every book, the masterful woodwork, right down to the shells and coral, was thoughtfully chosen to echo the beauty of Virgin Gorda.

The balcony was a retreat in itself, a secluded nook where the boundaries between indoors and out blurred into an expansive horizon of blue. It was my own slice of paradise, where the vast ocean stretched out endlessly before me. Floor-to-ceiling windows framed panoramic views of the bay, turning the room into a living postcard. And my most cherished feature, the outdoor shower, offered a unique way to be at one with the lush surroundings, invigorating my senses and grounding me in the moment.


Rosewood Little Dix Bay is a secluded tropical oasis, where you can explore the stunning landscape on bikes, jeeps, and golf carts. The beach offers a myriad of activities, from kite surfing and bodyboarding to glass-bottom boat rides for exploring vibrant coral reefs. One of the highlights is the delectable dining experience by the shore, where you can enjoy delicious food and handcrafted cocktails delivered right to your beachside retreat. During my stay, I had the enchanting experience of lounging in one of the floating rings in the water, surrounded by the gentle waves. To my delight, a sea turtle paid me a visit, its curious head peeking out of the ocean, and I was filled with pure bliss as I watched this graceful creature swim around me. It was a dream come true, further capturing the essence of this extraordinary place.

Exploring the resort, I was treated to an exceptional culinary journey. The three signature restaurants offered an array of delectable dishes, from the freshest seafood at Reef House to the delightful Caribbean-inspired creations at Sugar Mill. Each meal was not only a feast for the palate but also a visual delight, with panoramic ocean views as the backdrop. And when it came to relaxation, the Sense, A Rosewood Spa, exceeded all expectations. The holistic treatments, combined with the soothing ambiance overlooking the Caribbean Sea, created a sense of serenity and rejuvenation that was truly unforgettable. Whether it was savoring gourmet cuisine, basking on the pristine beaches, or indulging in spa therapies, Rosewood Little Dix Bay provided an immersive experience that celebrated nature, luxury, and culinary excellence in perfect harmony.


The service at Little Dix Bay is unparalleled, defined by a dedicated butler team ready to fulfill your whims with a simple text. I texted my butler one lazy afternoon, curious if they had any coconuts on hand—imagining some coconut water would be refreshing. What I did not imagine was I’d soon be giggling in disbelief. There, from the comfort of our balcony, I spotted my butler skillfully climbing up a palm tree in the distance. It seemed too whimsical to be true. Moments later, he was at my door, a triumphant smile on his face presenting freshly-harvested coconuts, neatly sliced open with straws peeking out, ready to drink. I hadn’t expected such a literal interpretation of my request, that it left me both amused and deeply impressed. Their commitment to guest satisfaction knows no bounds, truly exemplifying the resort’s ethos of care and attention to detail at the highest level. It’s the kind of service that turns a simple request into an unforgettable experience.


The destination itself stands out as one of the most captivating places I’ve had the privilege of visiting. It’s a haven for adventurers with a wanderlust spirit, offering opportunities to explore not only its own breathtaking landscapes but also nearby islands that promise equally mesmerizing experiences. the hotel arranged for us to embark on a remarkable voyage on board a luxurious boat. Our destination was none other than “The Baths,” a natural wonder that is worth the trip alone. It is labyrinth of winding caves with rainbow rock formations set against the backdrop of crystal-clear waters. It was so much fun to adventure and get lost in the caves. Following a local recommendation, we made our way to “Willy T,” a floating restaurant and bar that guarantees a good time. With lively music, an atmosphere of sheer fun, and the exhilarating experience of diving off the top deck into water so blue it feels like a dream, it was an unforgettable adventure.

Overall, the destination is a dreamy fantasy filled with beautiful sights, relaxation, tranquil pristine waters, adventure, exploration, and, of course, lots of fun.


In conclusion, Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort is not just a destination; it’s a paradise that caters to a wide range of travelers. Whether you’re a couple seeking romance, a family in search of quality time together, a wanderer yearning for tranquility and Zen, or an adventurer with an insatiable spirit, this place has it all. From the moment you arrive, you’re greeted with unparalleled beauty and warmth. The resort offers a harmonious blend of luxury and nature, where every aspect of your stay is meticulously crafted to create lasting memories. From exploring the enchanting landscapes to savoring exquisite cuisine, indulging in spa therapies, and embarking on thrilling adventures, Rosewood Little Dix Bay offers an immersive experience that celebrates the extraordinary in the most idyllic setting. It’s a destination where excellence is the norm, making every moment a cherished memory.

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