We Know Hotels is Disrupting the Hospitality Industry with a Hyper Specialization

The luxury hotel industry is undergoing significant changes in 2023, driven by consumer trends and technology advancements. The Global Luxury Hotel Market 2023-2027 reports the industry will grow by $54.46 billion in the luxury hotel market by 2027.

Additionally, advancements in technology are significantly shaping the luxury hotel industry. Innovations such as electronic check-ins, smart technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and even robots are all being implemented by hotel brands. These innovations are streamlining hotel operations, enhancing the customer’s experience, and driving down costs. For example, online bookings, electronic check-ins, and smart technology enable guests to secure a room faster than ever before and skip the front desk entirely.

However, while technology is an important tool for luxury hotels, there is still strong consumer demand for a personal touch. High-net-worth individuals who travel often prefer to deal with an individual who has an intimate understanding of their preferences as well as the ability to facilitate their asks from organizing a trip to special requests to securing a refund if necessary. Personalized service, attention to detail, and exceptional amenities are all crucial components of a luxury hospitality experience. The industry must balance advancements in technology with luxury clients’ desire to interact with people who understand them, not machines or chatbots.

One company that is expertly walking this line is We Know Hotels. We Know Hotels is a highly personalized luxury hospitality service focusing on hotel accommodations. We Know Hotels caters to the discerning traveler seeking the ultimate luxury hotel stay.

We Know Hotels prides itself on its ability to connect clients with personalized and carefully curated lodging options that are tailored to their specific preferences and requirements. The service offers comprehensive support throughout the entire booking process, from selecting desirable destinations and rooms to securing special perks that enhance the overall hotel experience. Hyper specializing in luxury hotel accommodations, We Know Hotels goes an inch wide and a mile deep, which enables them to go above and beyond with their unique offerings.

We Know Hotels connects its clients with a personalized travel expert who oversees their entire experience. We Know Hotels specialists not only handle all of the booking logistics, but they also handle all requests their clients have. The white glove service is disrupting the industry as this human touch unlocks an almost unlimited way for clients to personalize their luxury hotel experience. All We Know Hotels advisors spend time speaking to their clients, developing an authentic repartee and an intimate understanding of their proclivities from travel preferences to privacy concerns to family details to diet restrictions and more. It’s fitting that the brand’s slogan is “we know hotels and we know our clients.” However, clients looking for a quicker and less involved experience can access that as well.

We Know Hotels is solely focused on hotels by design. As a result the We Know Hotels Team has cultivated unparalleled relationships not only with major global brands like Rosewood, Aman, Four Seasons, St. Regis, Ritz Carlton, Bulgari Hotels, Mandarin Oriental, One&Only, Montage, 1 Hotels, Waldorf, The Peninsula Hotels, Oetker Collection, and many more, but also with the key employees at each location. This direct relationship with the decision-makers and people in power at each location allows the We Know Hotels team to accommodate their clients in ways typically unavailable to most guests. Beyond special requests, We Know Hotels gets exclusive deals and will even issue a refund to their clients before the hotel in the event of any issue.

From ultra private back door check-ins to specific floor requests to custom food and drink deliveries to putting photos of the client’s family in the room ahead of time to late and early check-ins to ensuring the staff recognizes the guests by face and name, no request is too unconventional for We Know Hotels. Unlike Amex’s concierge service, We Know Hotels experts explicitly communicate any relevant client details and preferences to the decision-makers on the ground to facilitate these concierge-travel-level “ins.” This strategy differentiates We Know Hotels from the competition and guarantees their clients have their ideal hotel stay. Of course, We Know Hotels offers 24/7 support, providing a seamless and stress-free travel experience.

Sam Lieberman, We Know Hotels CEO, states, “At our core, we are committed to taking the stress out of travel planning – we envision a world where our clients can effortlessly find the perfect accommodations at carefully selected properties personalized to their distinct preferences. So our clients can relax and focus on making unforgettable memories.”

We Know Hotel’s unique service and exclusive deals are available to clients for no extra fees. Simply put, by leveraging the expertise and connections of its seasoned travel professionals, We Know Hotels delivers an exceptional level of service that is unmatched in the industry.

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